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Dan & Lucy at Woodford Farm Weddings

Lucy & Dan

The day started with me dropping my car at the venue, I wont lie, the weather was looking very changeable and a few spots of rain where starting to fall. Dan and his buddies where they’re in the tepee by the lake getting everything ready and putting the finishing touches to everything. The Venue of Woodford Farm, near Wells was stunning even if the skies where grey. I got the feeling that a few drops of rain would not stop this wedding from being a cracker.

I got a lift into town from one of the groomsman and made my way to the hair salon where the girls where having their hair done. I walk into a steamy room with loads of activity happening, hairdryers, curlers and the air thick with hairspray. I found Lucy and said hello and she introduced me to all 4 of her lovely bridesmaids, all looking excited about the day ahead. We hangout at the salon until everyone’s hair was impeccable then we left for the Brides house to finish the mission.

Back at Lucy and Dan’s house the preparations continued with mum and dad arriving and a few glasses of proseccco being drunk. Then it was time for that dress to be put on. You could feel the anticipation from everyone and when Lucy came out the look on peoples faces was a picture, Lucy looked amazing and the bridesmaids dresses all complemented the look. After a few shots of “team getting ready” I was off, in a car with the mother of the bride, down into Wells to St Cuthbert’s Church, The church that is in Hot Fuzz. I said a quick Hello to Dan then was off shooting loads of natural shots of people arriving and all looking amazing dressed up.

The Sun was out, the rain had gone and the bride was about to arrive, the vicar hustled everyone in and they all took their seats. As the bride stood outside the door waiting to come in the atmosphere was electric with excitement, I took my position and wait for that music to start. Dan looked so nervous and you could see the overwhelming importance of this moment on his face as Lucy made her way down the aisle. He looked ecstatic as his eyes first met hers. The service was great with two well read readings. Unfortunately the organ player did not turn up but for me it was dealt with expertly by the vicar who just said, “we will all have to sing loader” and that he did.

After the service I organized a confetti aisle then some family shots then it was all onto the vintage bus laid on by Dan & Lucy to take us to the farm. The bus arrived at Woodford farm to glorious sunshine and a really cool Tepee waiting. The drinks started flowing and everyone relaxed into the day. I was busy shooting loads on Natural wedding photographs of the guests drinking and chatting and generally having a great time. I found 5 minutes to have a quick scout around the sounding area and found some great locations to take some couple shots. Just before the Lucy & Dan and the guests where to go in and have some food we went around the grounds for the shoot. They where both really relaxed around the camera and I managed to get some lovely natural shots of the two of them.

The food was a country buffet style affair and everyone tucked in, I found 20 minutes to sit down outside on the hay bails, eat and review my images so far. After the speeches there was more mingling and then the evening guests arrived, the place was filling up and the band where setting up, they looked like a cool bunch and the evening was looking to be a good one. Just before the band would start we had 10 minutes to take some more shots of the couple and just after that the heavens opened and a great storm started with loud thunder and lighting, we ran back to the tepee and the band started playing, the rain kept the dance floor full and it started with a bang, the rain soon stopped but the dance floor stayed full and I manage to get some great party images. I carried on shooting way after 10pm and as I left I got some great shots of the venue at night lit up buy the chain lighting and the disco lights. It looked like this party would be going on for a long time, just like this couple. What a day.

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