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Emily & Sean at St Audries Park, Quantock wedding, Somerset Wedding.

It’s was a misty morning when I arrived at the spectacular St Audries Park Hotel. set in the Quantock hills in Somerset, and I won’t lie it had a imposing gothic feel. As I navigated the hall ways filled with antiques and amazing paintings I finally found the bride. The room could not have been warmer with love and excitement, Emily looked amazing, so beautiful and she was not even ready yet, sometimes my job is easy and this girl made that so. So natural in front of the camera. It also helped that her friends and family where all stunning, with and actress and model in the mix. They where all so lovely and welcoming and the morning gave me countless photographic oppertunties. I made my way over to the boy’s room too, that place was buzzing and all of Sean’s close mates where together in one room, the bants was flowing and there were a lot of laughs.

The drizzle and mist hand around but it certainly did not dampen the atmosphere. As the bride walked into the amazing orangery at St Audries she looked stunning, I think I could hear the gasps as people turned to look. Sean was in bits and I don’t blame the guy. He looked totally dapper and as they stood at the front they looked so young and so in love, god I love my job.

As I organised the confetti aisle and family shots the mist did lift a little but I work quick in these situations and we got some great shots before moving into the amazing house for drinks and canapés and St Audries makes the perfect backdrop for the relaxed portraits of guests that I like to shoot. The couple made another entrance down the impressive wooden stairs and into the main medieval hall with huge roaring fire. The food and speeches where great, I got some really nice shots and the day soon turned into evening, the saxophonist and magician worked the room then the disco started. I set up my lights to capture the first dance which soon happened and the party started, I got some great dancing shots and have to say, the party looked like it would go on all night. Great wedding at St Audries and I cant wait to get back they’re to shoot again.

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