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Tara & Tom Somerset farmers wedding

It was a blissfully hot morning when I arrived at Tara’s parents house, set in the beautiful surroundings of the Somerset levels. The house was set on their land where the wedding was to be held. As I was shown out the back to see how the setting up was going I was met by a massive marquee, huge towers of hay bails, more tractors than at a county show and a most amazing free bar, stocked with what else, Thatcher’s. From this moment I knew this was going to be a good one. Inside the house the preparations where in full swing, hair, make up, dogs and kids running around and bacon sandwiches a plenty.

Before to long everyone was ready and looking truly amazing and excited. I got the shots I needed and hotfooted it over to the local church, the place was filling up fast and I always get some great shots of the ushers and groom meeting and greeting all the friends and family as they arrive. The bride arrived on an old-fashioned horse and cart and just looked the picture of a country bride. As the groom waited nervously the bride glided down the aisle to the sounds of the church organ. Toms face was amazing as he saw his bride, he held it together

, Just about and the service was very special, as Bride and groom the left the church to a waiting aisle of farmers with pitch forks at the entrance to the church, I got some great shots of them leaving and the confetti aisle and leaving procession on the horse and cart where photography gold.

We all arrived back at the farm and the party started, it was such a sunny day and with all the tractors and hay bails, free bar and canapés the day was just perfect. Just before the guests went into the marquee to eat we snuck off to the fields and hill behind the farm, we got some great shots of just Tara & Tom in the long grass on a summers day with the views over the Somerset levels. After food and speeches which where amazing I must add we got down to some friends and family shots, we even got all the bridesmaid and groomsmen up on the hail bails to make a pyramid with the bride & groom on top. Day turned to night and after a lot of dancing when it finally got dark the fireworks started, with a sound track, what a totally amazing end to a truly special Farmers Somerset Wedding.

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